Kim Kardashian: Why She Has Stopped Filming For ‘KUWTK’ Indefinitely

Oh no! We won’t be seeing much of Kim Kardashian during season 13 of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians,’ even though the show is still filming despite Kanye West’s hospitalization. has the EXCLUSIVE details on why she’s dramatically stepping away from the cameras.

Kanye‘s privacy has been super important to Kim during his challenging time in the hospital and so, for now, she has not allowed any KUWTK film crews to shoot anything in or around the hospital,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. Kim has been so stealth and private with her visits to UCLA Medical Center that the constantly photographed star hasn’t been caught by the paparazzi once since Kanye’s alleged breakdown Nov. 21. No wonder she wants to keep the KUWTK cameras away from his dire situation.

“Kim is taking things one day at a time and has no plans for when she will get back to filming her show or what she or Kanye will share with the cameras. Kim‘s main focus is being a wife for her husband in his time of need, not being a reality star,” our insider adds. We can only imagine the turmoil Kim is going through, with the holidays coming up and her beloved husband in crisis. The last thing she would want to do is cause him harm or pain by putting his ordeal on TV.

While it sounds like Kanye’s alleged meltdown won’t be a plotline in the upcoming KUWTKseason, we’re wondering how they’re going to broach the subject since the world is aware that the rapper is hospitalized. Even though this is reality TV we’re talking about, his situation is way tooreal and delicate, and frankly just so sad. We’re glad Kim is taking time away from filming to be there for him, as well as their two kids North, three and Saint, who turns one on Dec. 5. While he’s still young enough to not know what’s going on, we’re sure North misses her daddy and is wondering where he is.

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